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Go Away! Don't Claim!


ASOUE Claims
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This is asoue_claims! Welcome to us and thanks for visiting. Here, you can claim anything to do with ASOUE, a.k.a. A Series Of Unfortunate Events, as long as it hasn't been claimed before you! So let's get this malarkey out of the way! Aye!

______________________________________________________How To

Okay, it's pretty simple. Firstly, you read the claims list (LINK) and then see if the one you want is free. If so, you make a post, like you would in any other community, and ask for it, like "I claim Klaus Baudelaire!" or something. If your claim has already been claimed by someone, sorry! You can't have it! :P And that's it!

______________________________________________________How Many

Well, you all have 3 claims. The maintainer (me) gets unlimited. :P And the moderators get 25 each. You can earn more claims like this: Make an icon for the community, you get 1 claim. A new banner, 2 claims. A background, 3 claims. And a layout gets you 4 claims.

______________________________________________________Nitty Gritty

Okay, here are some specific rules about claiming, just so everyone can have what they want if it's possible. Some may seem st00peed but they make sense and will help!


Only one person can claim a character. You may choose the different disguises a person uses (Violet, Klaus, Olaf, Esmé, etc...) but that's about it. If you have a query, comment in the Claims List.


Only one person may claim a single book. Someone, may however, claim a chapter in a book.


A variation of an item, such as the monocle becoming a lock/latch pick, is not classed as a different item. Therefore, only one person can claim the monocle, pour example.


There are no rules for this.


You can claim places in places, e.g. Curdled Cave in Lake Lachrymose, the secret passage under 667 Dark Avenue, etc...


You may only claim the name itself, not the person who is called it.


If two people want a the same ship, then just swap the names around, e.g. Violet/Duncan or Viocan. If another person wants it, than they have to claim Duncan/Violet or Dunlet. SIMPLE! =D


You can claim a certain chapter in a book, but not the chapter picture. That will be in Other.


So far, no rules

______________________________________________________The Staff

Maintainer: o_d_h Call meh Jaymz.
Mod(s): mcpucca Call her Aim.

______________________________________________________The Catch

To prove you've read the rules, please put "I, unfortunately, claim..." as your subject whenever you claim anything.